Keeping Kids motivated is no Kids play (the KKMNKP ploy)

Attractive Graphics, music, games, sharing and collaboration - our algorithms use all these to keep children interested in practising math.

Creative Design

Creative design and flow of content, with attractive level up level down game play. Keeps children motivated.

No Ads. Ever!

We will keep it clean. We will never show ads to your children, or make them click on anything. We will keep yours and their info safe always.

Parental Monitoring

Stay up to date with your childs activities on the app on your whatsapp. So give your phone to your children with peace of mind.

Nomuk with Nomu

Maths have been waiting for this for a long time.


Some FAQ’s

Some commonly asked questions about our product, our company, our future direction etc.

We collect minimal data from you. In fact, the parent's whatsapp is the only data we collect from you. We do not share this information from any third party.
When a product is free, they say you are the product they sell to third parties. We charge you for our product so that we can keep you Ads free. We hate ads, just as much as you do.
You will get updates about the following:
  • OTP for getting your consent about you/your child installing the app.
  • When your child starts using our app, you will get a notification asking you whether you want to track the questions and answers your child is performing.
  • If you respond to above with a yes, you will get all the correct and wrong answers your child attempts
  • When child moves away from the app, or closes the app, we will notify you that the child has stopped using the app.
  • Everytime your child moves onto a new course
This product was built with the feedback from parents like you. Hence we welcome with both arms any feedback. Please write to us at [email protected].